Music, Pictures and more!

Hey hey hey!

Check out the next track of my new album Colors of Music
Track 3: Yellow Yodel

Don’t ask about the name.

Hey Hi Howdy!

Check out my newest track in my newest album Colors of Music!

Track 2: Orange Overture

Check it out and stay tuned for more coming soon!

Robots! A lot of them!

I made up these robots when I was only seven.

Now I have re-drawn them in my newest style.

I also took this opportunity to practice shading.

The first picture doesn’t have shading, the second one does.

The last song in 2K12 is here before the year is gone!

Track 11: Shopping Spree

Enjoy and Happy new year!

What?! It’s December 31st already?!!

Well here’s the first of the last two tracks of 2K12: Optical Globes

Pump up the volume!

Here’s my latest track for 2K12!

Track 9: Ligyrophobia

Sorry I’m late getting this one out…

Track 8 of 2K12 is now on Soundcloud!

Rock out with my new track on Soundcloud

#7 My Bagel

My first try at rock music but it won’t be my last.

Hey everybody!

Check out my new song on Soundcloud!

This will be track 5 in my album 2K12.